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October 2015 Vol #5 - Witch Way Magazine - DIGITAL




Explore witchcraft, spells, magic, and all things mystical in each edition of Witch Way Magazine.

Witch Way's digital magazine promotes a variety of spiritual directions offering something for everyone whether Wiccan/Wicca, Eclectic, Druid/Druidism, Shamanism, or another free-thinking religion.

This published e-magazine provides a spotlight on pagan paths delivering content related to magic spells, divination, herbs, oils, recipes, and more! Each magazine covers modern and historical issues in Paganism, spirituality, metaphysical, theology and magical philosophy.

Witch Way Magazine is written in hopes to empower and inform readers like you to seek inspiration as you walk your unique, spiritual journey.

Hometown Featured – Haunted Disney World, FL
Sacred Space Showcase – Decorating for Samahin
Divine Divination – We Tried a Ouiji board and documented the whole thing
Sabbats and Esbatts – A look at Samhain
Pagan Book Club – The Evidence for Phantom Hitch-Hikers by Michael Goss
Bewitched Movie Night – Double Feature – A review of “Insidious” and “Hocus Pocus”
My Witchy Home – Preparing Your Home for Your Ancestors
Herb of the Month – Wormwood
Crystal of the Month – Lapis Lazuli
Spelling Techniques – The Ritual in the Ritual – Guest Blogger
Spelling – A spell to banish magic used against you
Poetry - Dream in Black by Corey Foster Mattia
Paganism in History – The History of Halloween
Calming Corner – Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques for stress relief
My Pagan Path – ChristioPaganism Guess Blogger
Small Shop Support – GreenWitchofCambria
Interview of the Month – Medium Erin Pavlina
Our Readers – Ghost Stories from Our Readers

*In 2016 the 2015 issues were cut into single page format for easy reading, please understand this may cause some pages that are divided.