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Customized Oil for Your Spell - Comes with Candle Set


One thing that makes my heart sing is creating customized oils for my friends. There is nothing like sitting around with all of your oils and herbs laid out and spending time determining the perfect blend for someone's exact situation. After becoming somewhat known for this among my close peers I realized I would love to share this with others. While blends of herbs and oils we find online are lovely for spell work, there is nothing like having tools created for you, for your feelings, your circumstances, and your situation. 

We will talk about what you're aiming to do, and I will do some research, follow up with some detailed questions, before finishing your personalized blend of oil. 

I will then create a bottle of this oil for you as well as use it to create a set of candles for your spell use. 


  • 1 15 ml bottle of your custom oil
  • 1 Pillar Candle made with your oil
  • 2 Taper Candles made with your oil
  • 2 Votive Candles made with your oil

*Colors of candles will be customized as well

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