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La Petite Mort - Paperback - Pre-Order



Pre-Order Special. All copies ordered before October 25th will receive a trinket from Boutique Du Vampyr - One of the vampire locations highlighted in our story. - To ship out October 26th.

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By Olivie Blake

After the death of her estranged grandmother, Marisa Marrero finds herself bequeathed a surprising inheritance: a house in the New Orleans French Quarter, left to her with a variety of bizarre conditions attached. Among the surprising consequences of Marisa’s acceptance is a friendship with a man called Jack St. Germaine, an alleged alchemist who may or may not be hiding a questionable history, and a series of encounters with Elisabeth Clavier, a vampire known for hunting mortals for sport. As Marisa struggles with who to trust, she leans towards Jack, especially after a demon arrives at her doorstep claiming Elisabeth was the one who sent him. But when Marisa’s power grows and Jack can no longer provide her answers, a night with Elisabeth leaves Marisa wondering if she made the right choice.

This novella was originally published in Witch Way Magazine. It is a love letter to the vampire culture that is healthy and active in the crescent city.