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Witch Way Magazine 2016 Divination Guide Vol 1 Printed Magazine


This 38 page limited edition printed Pagan Magazine features curated articles about divination, fortune-telling, and more so your 2016 Divination Guide will help you explore traditions and techniques from a new perspective, enabling you to grow and expand your herbal knowledge base. Featuring the best divination articles from the first year of Witch Way Magazine.

Using a high-grade commercial printer all issues are high-quality with crisp images, and thick paper. Perfectly bound this is a beautiful piece to keep around.

- Printed copy of the Witch Way Magazine 2016 Divination Guide
*If gift wrapping is selected you will receive your issue wrapped in a ribbon with a gift tag attached. A black bow will be included in your package for you convenience in case you decide to pack in a box.

- 8x10in size
- 38 pages
- Back Cover features a pendulum board
- High quality printing
- Thick pages
- Diverse group of contributors

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*Enhancing your psychic abilities. *NEW*
*Beginning with Tarot
*How I Became a Professional Psychic - Interview with Biddy Tarot
*Getting started with Runes
*Tea Leaves Reading
*Lithomancy - Reading stones.
*Ompliomancy - Divination of the belly.
*Oomancy - Telling the future with eggs.
*Pendulums - Learning to read the sway.
*Scrying - The Art of the Gaze
*Kitchen Divination & Creating Your Own Divination
*Learn Spresds - we share with you 7 Spreads for the year.
- New Year Spread - Discover what's in store.
- Imbolc Spread - Discover what's next
- Love Spread - Discover your unique love.
- Ostara Spread - Discover what needs to grow.
- Beltane Spread - Discover manifestation.
- The Fae Spread - Discover messages.
- Magical Circle Spread - Discover your tribe.
*Back cover features a Witch Way Magazine pendulum board!

Spells and rituals are for entertainment purposes only, Witch Way does not guarantee the outcome of any spell-work obtained from our magazines. This magazine is recommended for ages 18 and older. Editor is an ordained reverend.

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