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Witch Way Magazine Gift Certificates


What do you get the witch or coven sister who has it all? The Witch Way Magazine gift certificate is a available to be used on any product within our Etsy shop!

A gift certificate with matching envelope
A black ribbon wrapped around certificate


1.) Add to cart and choose the value of the certificate.
2.) Complete purchase.
3.) Include in the seller's note the following:
- Name of the Gift Card recipient
4.) I will then ship out your certificate within 3 days to the provided shipping address.

Explore witchcraft, spells, magic, and all things mystical in each edition of Witch Way Magazine.

Witch Way's digital magazine promotes a variety of spiritual directions offering something for everyone whether Wiccan/Wicca, Eclectic, Druid/Druidism, Shamanism, or another free-thinking religion.

This published e-magazine provides a spotlight on pagan paths delivering content related to magic spells, divination, herbs, oils, recipes, and more! Each magazine covers modern and historical issues in Paganism, spirituality, metaphysical, theology and magical philosophy.

Witch Way Magazine is written in hopes to empower and inform readers like you to seek inspiration as you walk your unique, spiritual journey.


Gift certificates can not be refunded or returned. They cannot be cashed out for un-used amount. They can be transferred to another recipient. Just reach out to do that.